It’s Alive!

Dramaproject from Jonas Baeke and Carly Heathcote

Because of Covid 19, a physical performance of It’s Alive! has yet to happen. In the meantime we made an extended version that contains a pdf of a publication and an audio score that consists of 5 files. Feel free to look into them and contact us if you are interested in the piece and know a space where we can incarnate it.

click here for audio and publication

(Estimated duration of the performance: 2 hours)

affichebeeld It's Alive

Oh my god it’s breathing. It’s Alive. It’s the next meme. It’s 100 cute babies sinking in the sea. It’s big. It’s the feeling of falling. It’s an SUV truck crushing my arm. It’s now. It’s weird. It’s a digital tentacle. It’s Alive. It’s the both of us. It's your eye checking my bliep bliep woo woo. It’s a fiber cable pouring through my skin. It’s waving limbs coming out of my telephone. It’s VR porn. It’s everything. This second. It’s lightning. You can feel It in the legs. It’s another image. moved offline. It’s zero. It’s one. It’s Alive.

“My dreams presented a thousand objects that scared me.”

 –Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

An actress is casted for a mysterious piece. In the process of rehearsing, her world is slowly disintegrating. Her relation to her fellow actors, to technology, to herself, is melting. Borders mutate. Screens incarnate. Corpses speak. Is she created by herself, by the other, or by something far beyond? 

It’s Alive! is a performance about the doubt of being alive today. It is a dive into the ungraspable matter of what animates us in the broadest sense, a fever dream, where we are no longer certain if we are awake or away in a world that defies our understanding- a world filled with voids and openings between everything. Where do things stop existing, where are borders between things that normally don’t cross, crossed? In relation to Frankenstein we come to a question, what constitutes life? 

By: Jonas Baeke and Carly Heathcote | With: Gina Beuk, Mats Vandroogenbroeck, Lucie Plasschaert, and Imme Crul | Sound Design: Manuela Vilanova and Lila Tirando a Violeta  | Text: Jonas Baeke, Carly Heathcote and Mats Vandroogenbroeck  | With thanks to… Floris Baeke, Erica Heathcote, Maxime Blanpain, Fabrice Delecluse, Bardia Mohammad, Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Tom Engels, the KASK drama department, Kopergietery and Tinnenpot, Ferre Vuye, Jef Hellemans, Jana De Kockere, Lucas Van Der Vegt, Valentina Tóth, Marieke Schraepen, Joerie Happel, Musia Mwankumi, Martha Balthazar, Aimé Claeys, Emiel Vandekerckhove, Luma Guarconi, Claire Haase, Aaron Heathcote, Deborah Detwiler, Stefania Assandri, and Miguel Peñaranda