movement - observations (surveillance) of the disappearance of physical sovereignty

The result of a four-week research workshop with Boyzie Cekwana and 8 KASK students (Drama & Atonomous Design)

Location: Drama Studio 4, Campus Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, Gent

The performance is playing on:
Thursday 15 March 
2018 19:00 
Friday 16 March 2018 18:00       

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Choreographer Boyzie Cekwana (South-Africa) proposes a collective encounter around the body as a political and choreographed matter. Our bodies experience social, legal and technological invasions, provoking, as Boyzie Cekwana names it, the disappearance of physical sovereignty. Think about scanners at airports, surveillance, denial of citizenship, tracking of movement etc. 

Boyzie Cekwana: "I want to propose a collective encounter through the body and the observance of how spatial planning dictates how certain bodies are choreographed in, or out, of public and private right to individual sovereignty. In effect, how certain bodies are legislated and policed out of existence. The following are thoughts and questions I am interacting with in relation to the matter of the precariousness of physical right(s) to public and even private ownership of body and space. Towards this end, I envisage certain public space interventions to test and interrogate some of these ideas. These interventions could be purely observational, or interactive and even disruptive. Identification of specific zones of obvious, as well as clandestine controls of bodies and spaces will form part of the exercise. Where do the hard edges of the soft and invisible (to some) borders of access, accessibility, acceptability and violent exclusion lie?"

Boyzie Cekwana's artistic interest is invested and inextricably linked to the poetics of black masculinity, its condition and position in the public firmament. Edouard Glissant alludes to a continuous slave plantation governmentality that informs contemporary socio-economic and socio-spatial practices. In my work, I simply extend this argument to speak to the similarly catastrophic origins of socio-legal and normative tenets that have seamlessly assimilated into seemingly harmless contemporary legislative jargon. Somewhat inevitably, the tentacles of my research reach into the colonial underbelly of legalised racial and gender violence.

Concept and direction: Boyzie Cekwana | With: Eva March, Iris Donders, Jietske Vermoortele, Julien Desmet, Nathan Ooms, Robin Verslegers, Stine Sampers, Weronika Zalewska  | Production: KASK Drama and Vooruit | In collaboration with: Campo 

As part of: JUST A GOOD PROGRAM (Vooruit and Campo)