Human Landscapes – Book I

Human Landscapes is the result of a 4 week workshop with Michiel Vandevelde and 7 dramastudents from KASK School of Arts, Ghent

Spoken language: English

Location: Drama Studio 4, Campus Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, Gent

The performance is playing on:
Thursday 19 October 
2017 at 20:00  VOLZET
Friday 20 October 2017 at 20:00    VOLZET

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Tickets: 5€ (standard) | 3€ (students, unemployed,  65+ en staff and alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (students, teachers en alumni KASK DRAMA, jury)   


“During Nazım Hikmet’s long stay in jail from 1938 to 1950, he not only composed the whole of his epic poem ‘Human Landscapes from My Country,’ but also translated Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ into Turkish. That he chose to translate Tolstoy’s great work is perhaps surprising - although Hikmet respected the “grand old man,” his own work reflected very different assumptions about human agency. While Tolstoy’s epic is shaped by his understanding of man’s essential helplessness in the face of the turning wheel of history, such a vision is anathema to Hikmet. Like all of his work, ‘Human Landscapes…’ is shot through with the optimistic conviction that human beings have the capacity to forge their own path upwards by sheer force of their own will. More than the Achilles heel of his communism, it is perhaps this generosity of spirit that forms the guiding philosophy across his oeuvre. As a student in the poem reflects at one point, ‘giving up hope in humanity’ is little more than ‘after-dinner philosophizing.’” (William Armstrong)


This work begun in 1939 at the Istanbul House of Detention and completed ……………………

Text: Human Landscapes – book I, by Nazim Hikmet | With: Mitch Van Landeghem, Stine Sampers, Simone van der Steen, Anna Franziska Jäger, Martijn Gielen, Ylva Rietman, Manon De Baecke and Michiel Vandevelde | Thanks to: Grégory Abels en Fabrice Delecluse