Dramaproject van Rosie Sommers

extra voorstelling ihkv de School of Arts open deur dag:

zondag 17 april 2016 om 14:00

Locatie, Drama Studio 4, Campus Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, Gent   

RESERVEREN kan tot 4 uur voor aanvang voorstelling door hierboven te klikken op de datum van de voorstelling naar keuze 

Tickets: 5€ (standaard) | 3€ (studenten, werklozen, 65+ en docenten, medewerkers en alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (studenten, docenten en alumni KASK DRAMA, jury, werkveld)  

Beeld 2 Skypesamba

With and by Stav Yeini, Ezra Fieremans and Rosie Sommers

Stav Yeini (IL) 1986, is a freelance performer and choreographer currently based in Brussels. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S. (BE) in June 2010. Since then she has been involved within various types of projects and collaborations locally and internationally in the field of dance and performance. 

Ezra Fieremans (BE) 1994, is a freelance actor and dancer currently based in Brussels. 

Rosie Sommers (NL) 1995, is a a student at KASK DRAMA currently based in Brussels. 

Stav, Ezra and Rosie met at PAF during winter meeting (WUM) in december 2015.  

Many thanks to: Bauke Lievens, Mieja Hollevoet, Tom Engels, Leo Verlinden, Fabrice Delecluse, PAF (Performing Arts Forum), Jan Ritsema, Mårten Spångberg, Rikkert Van Huisstede, Mourad Baaiz, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Al Pacino, Eugene Choi, Eleanor Bauer

Beeld Waiting for skypesamba

Superforces Pocahontas-Picachu, Jean-Claude Van Damme KingKong-style & 50's Superstar present: 

(a skype-samba)
when i write on you it touches me in such a strong way that it is unknown to me - don’t ever leave me i dare say now when i think of raping you - i let you be different - i'll tell you the things you told me - i'll tell you new things - you know i write fiction on you - fiction is the only lie that has become a non-time-related truth - the split second of it - the eternal flash -

Estrangement depression fighting part: We try to be angry with each other. (Dance Number two: gang-fight flocking like lions and buffalo’s)

Buffalo Bill will increase the superscientifical embarrassment of Chapter Two.

"Why are old people always grabbing for genitals?"

i am angry with you now 'cause i cant find a valuable reason i cant find a valuable reason for it and because you don’t see me doing whatever - you are giving it all - i am giving it all - there is just not one of us taking from the other - i cannot take your touching me - you cannot take my touching you - this is a love story without an opinion - your tenderness is sweet and good - its good - and i should not feel awkward with you changing - you are in many ways the love of my life - i feel no doubt whatsoever about it - which doesn't mean that the love doesn't change in ways of intensity or role or type or whatever -

Dancing #5 : nobody wants me sadness to the maximum selfpity try out I'm not sure about mySelf dance which should be awful to watch

Pause - I sometimes have so little to say

"You're so fucking talented you're like a 5star plus talented highway into the subversive universe of the unknown conceptualism of artistic discourse top top Top critisism specialized in whatever - you're boobs are like SO talented - iTS undiscribable" - thats a good thing - you're a good thing - we are a good thing - that's good

Pretending doing something else and coming - absolutely the best.>>>
better say very great.
such treasures 
you plural
things are never to be solved between us 

To be continued


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dinsdag 23 februari 2016 om 20:00   
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vrijdag 26 februari 2016 om 20:00 

Locatie: Eskimofabriek, Wiedauwkaai 25, 9000 Gent