03. Skypesamba

Dramaproject van Rosie Sommers

Locatie: Campo Nieuwpoort, Nieuwpoort 31-35, 9000 Gent  

zaterdag 18 juni 2016 om 17:00 (enkel nog tickets ter plaatse)
zondag 19 juni 2016 om 17:00 
(enkel nog tickets ter plaatse) 

Duur voorstelling: 50'

RESERVEREN kan tot 12 uur de dag van de voorstelling door hierboven te klikken op de datum en tijdstip van de voorstelling naar keuze

Tickets: 5€ (standaard) | 3€ (studenten, werklozen, 65+ en docenten, medewerkers en alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (studenten, docenten en alumni KASK DRAMA, werkveld)
Tijdens het Drama Festival | GRADUATION ’16 kan u voor 15€  een 5-rittenkaart kopen. Hiermee kan u 5 voorstellingen naar keuze zien. Wel moet u natuurlijk nog voor iedere voorstelling reserveren.

You are far from me. I don't know you, nor you me, no meeting yet or about to, if we both dare to meet, before, during and after.  

I guess I'm just scared of the power-relations. Like withdrawal and ignore, anger and despair... It's all part of it and more - like the joy and seduction, the vanity, the self-seeking love, the dancer sex, the rapture, the compliments, on the edge of completion, extreme joy and intense hate.

What's our bubble? A new nostalgia? A way to go. Healing song and virtual reality. A bubble freed from the urge to express;  inside-outside-inside-outside glowing darkness.

Skypesamba, ZSenne Artlab Brussels, March 2016, Photo: Alex Himburg ©


Skypesamba is an invitation to meeting new people, transforming the triangle into a pyramid of new friends.  We Skype friends from other parts of the world so that they can be there too.  It has become like a fractal>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Some have the force
because they have been with us before.
We design a path starting from individual peripheries, going into a grand meeting, and right at that moment of togetherness, of completion, we leave each other as renewed particles when the periphery calls us back again.

To be continued.

                                                                                             Skypesamba, ZSenne Artlab Brussels, March 2016, Photo: Alex Himburg ©


With and by: Stav Yeini, Ezra Fieremans and Rosie Sommers

STARRING: Nathan Ooms Stav Yeini Bjorn Elliot Moustaf A Ahmeti Naomi Van Der Horst Ezra Fieremans Tommaso Bisogno Stine Sampers Anna Franziska Jaeger Mitch Van Landeghem Sebastian Kann Eugene Choi  Rosie Sommers Cisse Royens Inga Huld Hákonardóttir Jesse Vandamme Bryana Fritz Jana De Kockere Manon De Baecke Simon Van Schuylenbergh Martijn Gielen Simone Van Der Steen Erik Van De Wijdeven Nona Demey Mats Vandroogenbroeck Simon Baetens Rikkert Van Huisstede a.o.

Stav Yeini (IL) 1986, is a freelance performer and choreographer currently based in Brussels. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S. (BE) in June 2010. Since then she has been involved within various types of projects and collaborations locally and internationally in the field of dance and performance. 

Ezra Fieremans (BE) 1994, is a freelance actor and dancer currently based in Brussels. 

Rosie Sommers (NL) 1995, is a a student at KASK DRAMA currently based in Brussels. 

Stav, Ezra and Rosie met at PAF during winter meeting (WUM) in december 2015.  

Many thanks to: Bauke Lievens, Mieja Hollevoet, Tom Engels, Leo Verlinden, Fabrice Delecluse, PAF (Performing Arts Forum), Jan Ritsema, Mårten Spångberg, Rikkert Van Huisstede, Mourad Baaiz, Inga Huld Hákonardóttir, Eugene Choi, Eleanor Bauer, Bryana Fritz, Jan Steen, ZSenne Artlab, Campo, Eskimofabriek, KASK DRAMA, Mikko Hyvönen, Pleiadians, Alex Himburg a.o.