Being Robert Plutchik (a meyoucycle)

The result of a four-week workshop with Eleanor Bauer and some Master students and alumni Drama 

12 februari 2015 20:00 at Drama Studio 2, Campus Bijloke, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2, Gent 
(up to 3 hours before the performance and indicating name, surname, number of persons and title performance)

tickets: 5€ (standard) | 3€ (students, unemployed,  65+ en staff and alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (students, teachers en alumni DRAG, jury)  

speelt ook op 31 maart 2015 20:30 at Kaaistudio's, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 81, 1000 Brussel (tickets)

Being Robert Plutchik

Being Robert Plutchik (a meyoucycle) is the result of a four-week workshop with Eleanor Bauer and some Master students and alumni Drama. Sharing the same starting points as Bauer's next project, Meyoucycle (me-you-cycle), which will premiere at Kaaitheater in Spring 2016 in collaboration with live music by Ictus contemporary music ensemble, the piece and workshop is a deconstruction and reconstruction of the musical: using the same ingredients of a musical (song, dance, text, music) but in a collective research on their performative forms, formats, and potentials. The research and performance is organized around the "Plutchik Emotion Circumplex," a model for analyzing human emotions invented by psychologist Robert Plutchik in 1980. Being Robert Plutchik looks at a spectrum of human emotions through the experiential and analytic lens of contemporary social life and how emotions can or cannot be shared and expressed today, including the effects of technology, social media, various therapies, and more.

Concept and direction: Eleanor Bauer | PerformanceAnjana Dierckx, Lieselotte De Keyzer, Linde Carrijn, Mathilde Strijdonk, Mourad Baaiz, Seppe Decubber, Yuri van der Hoeven | Special thanks to: Sandra Liaklev Andersen