10. And Who Wants Peace?

Masterproject of R’m Aharoni

The speech and after talk will be held on June 25 at 20:30 at Campo Nieuwpoort, Nieuwpoort 31-35, Gent 

(until 16:00 the day of performance)

tickets: 5€ (standaard) | 3€ (studenten, werklozen, 65+ en docenten, medewerkers en alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (studenten, docenten en alumni DRAG, jury, werkveld)€ 5 (standard) | 3 € (students, unemployed, 65+ and teachers, staff and alumni School of Arts) | 0 € (students, teachers and alumni DRAG, jury)  

And Who Wants Peace_ webversie

On Noverbmber 11 1936, in London - England, the artist Eric Gill delivered his speech titled And Who Wants Peace?  It was addressed to a group of Christian Pacifists. In his speech, Gill pointed out the entanglement of industrial war, artistic creation and money making.

On June 25 2015, in Gent - Belgium, the artist R'm Aharoni will carry out the same speech. This gesture is an invitation and a meeting point, which aims to implement the past in the current reality. 

You are cordially invited.

The speech and after talk will be held at Campo Nieuwpoort (Nieuwpoort 31-35, Gent) at 20:30 hrs.

Text: Eric Gill | Performance and Concept: R’m Aharoni  | In conversation with: Sarah Vanhee, Frederik Le Roy | Special thanks to: CAMPO Gent, Alain Platel, Abigail Liporato, Marika Engles, Hugo DeBlock, Adriana La Selva | Images: Eric Gill, R’m Aharoni