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  • Master in Drama A Guide 2019-20 
  • DAS Theatre Feedback Method
  • Arts in Practise Drama A Guide 2019-20
  • Arts in Practise Agreement 2020_21  online at chamilo at the general course Student Affairs (The traineeship provider and the student are asked to fill out the agreement and supplement 1. Both documents are  to  be  drawn  up  in  triplicate  and  signed  by  the  traineeship  provider  as  well  as  the  student  (3 x original signature, no copies)   The  student  subsequently hands over the contract in triplicate to the traineeship coordinator, who in his/her turn hands it over  to  the  dean’s  secretariat.  As  soon  as  the  documents  are  signed  by  the  dean,  a  copy  is  given  to  the  traineeship provider and to the student).
  • ECTS grading scale